>Considerable delivery delays expected for outbound mail items to China

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>Sakura Wrapping--The design specially for a refreshing springtime gift

>Regarding delay in overseas shipping

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>Regarding payment by credit card

>Payment via credit cards is unavailable at the moment.

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>【Newly released!】Fresh Royal Jelly

>Autumn’s “Medicine and Food are the Same Origin” Campaign Started!
>【Newly released!】Manuka Honey with Propolis
>Notice About Reformulation of Chondroitin & Glucosamine with Royal Jelly

>Notice of Change in Consumption Tax Rate

>About the shipping fees from October 1st (Tuesday)

>Reduce the effects of summer fatigue, lack of sleep, and menopause to overcome summer! Promotion period: August 15th 2019 – October 31st 2019