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Restoration notice of credit card failure

An error occurred at the time of settlement of the credit failure has been recovered on 11:35.

We are deeply sorry for any trouble that I have caused.
It can be used as normal from now on.

A credit card failure notice

At present, a part of credit card payment (PayPal not included) may not be completed.
The cause is due to the failure of the network of the card company.

If the credit card settlement has not been completed in time, please try again after a while, or pay via PayPal.

In other ways, we receive your order via email. If you need any help, please contact us by the below address.

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We have started Sugi Bee Garden’s Fruitful Autumn Campaigns!.
Campaign period: Aug 15, 2016 ~ Oct 31, 2015

* Fruit Juice Honey Value Set ~Any combination of 3 bottles~
Popular Fruit Juice Honey, a set of 3, a great deal.
Please check for detailed information in Fruit Juice Honey corner.

* “Honey Pickles Value Set ~Any combination of 4 bottles~
Please don't miss this opportunity to purchase a set of 4 (280g each) and savor them.
Please check for detailed information in Honey Pickles corner.

* Pickled Ginger in Honey 2 bottle set
Please don't miss this opportunity to purchase a set of 2(850g each) and savor them.
Please check for detailed information in Honey Pickles corner.

* The world's Assorted Honey Set
You can enjoy honey from around the world with this luxurious set.
Please check for detailed information in Honey corner.

* “Honey Vinegar [Tablets] With Plum Extract & Rice Black Vinegar” Extra Campaign
Full of amino acids that penetrates all corners of your body to give you a smoothly-running constitution! It's recommended to those who are "worried about their physical exam results" and "like sweet and oily foods".
Please check for detailed information in supplement corner.

* “Aojiru (Enzyme Green Juice with Honey)” Extra Campaign
Sugi Bee Garden's carefully chosen honey has also been added to make it easy to drink. For those who worry they are not getting enough vegetables and those who want to live youthfully everyday, it's easy to maintain with just one glass a day.
Please check for detailed information in miscellaneous corner.

EMS (Express Mail Service) - Notice of new rates

Effective June 1, 2016, EMS (Express Mail Service) rates were modified.
Accordingly, the newly modified raters are charged for shipping fees at our shopping site. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Incidentally, the new rates are available in the EMS Rate Schedulte within the "Shopping Guide" page.